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FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 2:00pm PDT
the marathon, you had eight-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old crystal campbell, 23-year-old chinese citizen all killed near the finish line. my colleague is with us. jenna, good day to you back there. >> reporter: back to boston momentarily. we expect a press briefing around 5:30 eastern time. president got his own briefing. we just got the release on that the information that he learned from his own national security team. he recently just placed calls to the governor of massachusetts as well as the mayor. there is a live look at watertown, massachusetts where we expect that press briefing. joining us is jeff lanza, a retired special agent. he will share his insights on this case. drawing upon your expertise and with all due respect of law enforcement, you see pictures like this of all day, law enforcement on the street, overwhelming amount of force. why is it taking so long to find this one individual? >> i think you have to take it one step at a time. the safety of the law enforcement officers is of it most concern, they are priority in the case. the faster you move the m
FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
-- okay, we're going to go to chris crystal campbell. we are not getting that. kimberly, you heard a lot there. >> kimberly: some of the things we were talking about as we were taking this in. first you heard the information from the field and the request forces all these cellphones. they clearly need information. >> this will be an interest gallon part of the investigation. >> did something go wrong with your plan? >> you know, this is is a soft target. so anybody can go into a church service and do this type of thing. when you have an event like this you can't lock it down like its military operation. it needs to be open to the public. by the virtue. type of event it is, it requires that we don't turn it into a police state. we struck the appropriate balance. we'll review all of that and come to some conclusions down the road. this investigation is our priority right now. >> you said two minutes ago about targeting groups unfairly. are you suggesting by targeting groups unfairly, are you suggesting that situation is in fact happening? >> no, we haven't had any complaints. u.s. atto
FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
richard whose mother and sister were also gravely hurt. 29-year-old restaurant manager crystal campbell was also killed. she was there with her best friend to take a picture of the friend's boyfriend crossing the finish line. at least 17 of the victims are described as critical. many lost limbs, with most wounds to the lower extremities. doctors are finding dozens of nails and ball bearings in some victims. >> there are a variety of sharp objects that we found in their bodies, probably this bomb had multi-multiple metallic fragments in them. >> there are people who have lost their lives or have lost limbs. so, i'm very fortunate and i wish everybody else the best. >> the fbi's evidence response team is processing the scene with help from the atf and other investigators, collecting evidence and combing for clues. overnight, the investigation led to the search of an apartment belonging to a college student described as a saudi national, tackled as he was running from the scene with burns to his body. is he cooperating and has been ruled out as a suspect and a man who says is he a roommate
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)